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Want a Clean, Tasty Supplement for your Workouts?

I’ve tried many different pre-workouts and supplements. But I’ve been specifically searching for a clean, tasty option for pre-workout and protein. I’m plant based, so choosing a plant based option is obviously important as well. Some of your standard vegan options, such as Vega and Garden of Life, are very clean options, but they have a VERY earthy taste. Now, I do enjoy those two brands for a solid workout, but I finally found something that feels even cleaner and tastes even better.

I came across Propello Life and the first thing I always do is take a look at the ingredients. Even compared to Vega, Propello Life has significantly less additional ingredients in it while having the most natural approach to creating a healthy, clean pre-workout. There are no additives, no added sugar, and it doesn’t give you uncomfortable jitters during your workout. Key ingredients in the pre-workout include the following:

· Creatine Monohydrate: Popular belief is that creatine Monohydrate makes you retain water which scares a lot of women from taking this supplement. However, creatine monohydrate is highly recommended from a scientific standpoint because of the amplifying effects on strength training, increased performance for aerobic endurance training, and it improves the quality of high intensity training. It’s also used for BRAIN FUNCTION! Find out more about creatine monohydrate.

· Citrulline Malate: Increase blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to your muscles, while flushing out lactic acid.

· Beta Alanine: increases power output and boosts muscular strength. This ingredient is also attributed to boosts in anaerobic endurance and exercise capacity to have better workouts.

· Natural Caffeine: 100mg of caffeine for an energy boost and increased focus.

· Betaine: This amplifies the creatine and improves muscle protein synthesis. Another unique quality is that it increases plasma levels of SAMe. SAMe supports a positive mood, liver health, and aids in joint recovery.

I highly recommend at least giving this product a chance. The website offers sample products for you to try as well. My favorite products are energy and focus, vegan protein, and the vegan pre-workout. Let me know what you think!

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