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Your Fitness Guru

Hi there! My name is Alicia. I worked at a gym in my early 20s and at age 25, I decided to join the military. The love and passion that I have for fitness and nutrition has continued to grow. I've trained friends here and there to aide the desire that I have to train others, but it wasn't until I started approaching the end of my Active Duty Army date that I decided to take this head on and train people full time. I currently have my Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I have my Group Fitness Instructor Certification through AFAA. I'm also a Certified Youth Exercise Specialist and Senior Program Specialist.

My goal is to motivate and get people moving. I want to educate people on health and fitness and provide them the knowledge to continue their journey on their own. This isn't a challenge. This is a lifestyle change; which may sound scary to most. But who doesn't want to live a long healthy and happy life?

In addition, I'm vegan/whole food plant based. Which means I can give nutritional advice regarding a plant based lifestyle. Let me know what you need! I'll make it happen!

I have also been working on a personal project called Aiden's Adventure 5k. It is an annual event that fundraises money for two local non-profits. This 5k is also in memory of one of the most adventurous wonderful little boys I've had the pleasure in knowing. He was lost in a tragic accident in 2021. Please visit the link below for more information about Aiden and sponsorship opportunities for the 5k. 

Thank you.

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